What's new in TestWeaver 3.4

December 2016

Test Specifications for Highly Configurable Systems

We understood your requirements:

TestWeaver 3.4 selects the set of test scripts and requirement watchers that match your system configuration in a coherent way. This avoids maintaining redundant copies of scripts and watchers for hundreds of system configurations.

Maintaining test specifications for configurable systems has become manageable.

TestWeaver 3.4.0 - December 2016

Diagrams for system state coverage

The requirement coverage and the source code coverage are useful, but they are insufficient coverage measures when testing systems.

For a transmission system, for instance, you want to make sure that you test the shifts with many differing engine states.

Understand at a glance the coverage of the system states reached during a test - now also with heatmap charts.

TestWeaver 3.4.0 - December 2016

Silver execution platform

The specification of Silver experiments is now much easier.

Automatic generation of .sil files for TestWeaver allows to mix stimuli from Python, CSV and MDF files.

TestWeaver 3.4.0 - December 2016

Start trial run and debug your instrumented SUT

Before you run an experiment you always have to make sure your instrumented SUT is set up properly; while not, you stay in a debug loop.

Start trial run of the instrumented SUT, now available in the GUI.

TestWeaver 3.4.0 - December 2016

Python / Instruments editor

Embedded Python editor in TestWeaver
with syntax highlighting, validation, keyword completion & code templates

TestWeaver 3.4.0 - December 2016

MATLAB/Simulink execution platform

Easier specification of MATLAB/Simulink experiments, especially when you use Python for the test instrumentation.

TestWeaver 3.4.0 - December 2016

Plotter - because details matter

We added a reference and a measurement cursor for easy difference measurements.

TestWeaver 3.4.0 - December 2016