What's new in Silver 3.4

December 2016

Autosar RTE build

QTronic is an associated partner of AUTOSAR since 2016.

We are proud to announce that Silver 3.4 ships an RTE builder to virtualise Software Components and Compositions based on .arxml descriptions.

Silver 3.4.0 - December 2016

FMI for co-simulation and tool coupling

Supported even before the 3.4. version:

New in 3.4:


CAN with Flexible Data-Rate CAN FD is an enhancement of the CAN protocol that supports higher communication rates.

Silver now supports CAN-FD wherever CAN was previously supported.

Silver 3.4.0 - December 2016

FlexRay support for ARXML version 4 and for Fibex

Silver 3.4.0 - December 2016

Data plotter with new measurement functions

Differences between signals are now easy to measure with the help of a reference and a measurement cursor.

Silver 3.4.0 - December 2016

MDF sorter

A couple of MDF-processing tools are not able to process unsorted MDF 3.x files. Fortunately, we can now bridge the gap:

MDFSorter.exe is a new command line tool that can convert unsorted MDF files into sorted MDF files (MDF version 3).

Silver 3.4.0 - December 2016