What's new in Silver 3.2

March, 2015

Easier build of virtual ECUs with sbsBuild

Before 3.2 you had to do a bit of C programming in order to build a vECU with Silver Basic Software (SBS).

Now you can build vECUs without such programming. Instead, pass a specification file to the new sbsBuild command. This creates a vECU as Silver module, as FMU, or as a Simulink S-function.

Example command: sbsBuild vECU.sbs where vECU.sbs is:

Silver 3.2 - March 2015

Chip simulation: analyse program structure

Before 3.2 Silver did not help you to decide what parts of a hex file to run.

Now static code analysis helps to properly setup a chip simulation. You can insert print commands into a spec file to analyse hex code and to document call trees, signal flows and other useful listings from your hex/map/a2l files.

Silver 3.2 - March 2015

Co-Simulation with MATLAB/Simulink

Before 3.2 we could only include compiled modules or Simulink S-functions in a Silver simulation. Now we can connect modules that are co-simulated in Simulink. The co-simulation master can be either Silver or Simulink.

This allows a more convenient debugging and a faster modify-and-check loop in some situations.

Silver 3.2 - March 2015

Bypass virtual ECU tasks with MATLAB/Simulink

You can also specify one or multiple tasks of the virtual ECU (compiled) to be replaced by functions that are computed in Simulink in co-simulation.

This allows a faster check of module changes in the integrated system context.

Silver 3.2 - March 2015

Support for the Functional Mock-up Interface 2.0

Import in Silver Functional Mock-up Units created with other FMU-exporting tools. Both 32-bit and 64-bit FMUs are supported for the standards versions 1.0 and 2.0.

Export from Silver virtual ECUs as Functional Mock-up Units. You can use any FMU-importing tool as execution platform for Silver's virtual ECUs.

Silver 3.2 - March 2015

Canvas widget with user interaction

Before 3.2 the canvas widget could only be configured to display the simulation state using graphical objects and 2D animation. Now you can also interact with the simulation by click-ing or dragging graphical areas. A short video displaying the new features is available at: http://resources.qtronic.de/screencasts/silver-intro/

Silver 3.2 - March 2015

32-bit and 64-bit modules, S-functions and FMUs

Before 3.2 Silver could only run 32-bit modules.

Now, under 64-bit Windows, Silver can run 32-bit and 64-bit binaries within the same simulation. The 64-bit modules run in a separate process.

Silver 3.2 - March 2015

Multi-rename of module variables

Before 3.2 you could specify a prefix or a suffix for output variables only.

Now all module variables (inputs, outputs or modified outputs) can be renamed. Moreover, you can use regular expression rules.

Silver 3.2 - March 2015

New license type: network license

Silver 3.2 - March 2015